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My name is Shelly and I LOVE LIFE!!!

Quotes by seashels123

If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I next to each other
Why did what we had have to go
You still know that I love you so
Getting in trouble everytime we kissed in school
Why did those teachers have to be so cruel?
Every word you said I listned to
What did I do
That made you say those words
that keep repeating in my head
even when I'm alseep in bed
I dream of you day and night
Wishing that you would come on stormy nights to hold me tight
Its actually scary knowing what it feels to be in love
I really thought I was in heaven with you up
B - Being there for eachother
E - Endless laugh attacks
S - Silly Times!
T - Times that will be remembered for ever

F - Forever lasting
I - Irriplacable
E - Endless love for one another
N - Never letting you down
D - Doing everthing together
S - So alike people think were twins
You get my attention because your cute but itís the good personality that I keep
Love is not wanting to fall asleep because your dreams have already come true
*I wish I may, I mish I might, be the one you wish for tonight*
In prison for the week
even if you loose
try your BEST
Be a good SPORT
Is this really LOVE
or am I in HEAVEN up above
I see you and I know you see me
whos gonna make the first move?