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Hi this is secretlove707's layout account(= I recently made a website (, which you guys can visit if you want by clicking on the link to the left and check out my layouts... I'll try to put more on it as soon as possible, but anyways, my name's kiley. im a nerd, but a cool one... i think hahhaha[that was an uncomfortable laugh. i tend to laugh a lot when i'm uncomfortable] (; blow out the candles on may 20th. i love lacrosse, piano, guitar, singing (though i'm not very good at it), field hockey, plays, and MY FRIENDS<3 some of em are; danielle, kaitlin, marie, hannah, ambria, annika, ashley, brianne, erica, maya, meryl, and olivia<3 brown eyes, dark brown straight hair, flat nose=me. i'm insecure; i hate A LOT of things about myself (mostly my appearance...ick). i'm constantly wishing i was prettier, and always trying to get *that one boy* to notice me for more than a friend. i've let people manipulate me and knock me down, but i've learned to get right back up. i'm not popular, but i'm me. i know i can't change myself, so i've learned over the years to be me instead of trying to change myself for others. everyone is beautiful and amazing in their own way, even if other people (or you) don't see it at first(=. anyways, enough with all this sappy inspirational stuff hehe[; drop me a comment if you want to know anything else. check out my quotes or jam to some music ;D keep it up witty people, pce.
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Chapter Seven:
In room 5D, papers, blueprints, and HTML codes were strewn across the room, covering most of the girls’ beds and some of the floor. These were the girls who achieved Witty fame through work. These were the Wittians who created backgrounds, layouts, music players, and fanart for other Wittians. The girls stayed up late that night, discussing ideas for their small businesses—well, small businesses with no income. These girls were some of the most hardworking girls on Witty, because they thrived to create a large amount of products, and they let other Wittians use them for nothing in return.
“Gahh,” sighed one of the girls, whose name tag read “LilaLove99 – Jackie”. “Anyone have any good love quotes for fanart with a little girl and a little boy holding hands?” Jackie asked, balancing her heavy head on her weary hands.
“How about ‘Age knows no number’?” suggested another girl, “jayciecutie01Jaycie”. “And wait… you make fanart?”
“Yup,” Jackie responded, scribbling the quote onto a notepad. “On my separate account, LilaLove99Fanart.”
“Ohh,” responded Jaycie, smiling. “That’s cool.”
Another girl, “ejw10 – Erica”, spoke up. “Anyone know any good border colors for a scroll box that goes in a layout?” she asked, laying down a pencil on her bed.
“Personally, I think purple goes the best against pictures,” responded “kiwi145623Makayla”.
“Thanks,” responded Erica, sketching ideas in a notebook in colored pencil. “What do you make?” Erica asked Makayla, looking up from her drawing.
“Everything except music players. Well, I could make music players… I just don’t want to,” Makayla said, a smile appearing on her face. “What about you, Jaycie? What do you make?” asked Makayla, without looking up from her paper.
“Anything and everything in the Witty world,” smiled Jaycie, rolling onto her back and dangling her hands off the end of her bed. Another girl, “xraiseyourglassx – Lizzie”, laughed. “Maybe that’s why you’re so famous on Witty,” Lizzie smiled, sketching a layout on a sheet of notebook paper.
“I’m not famous,” Jaycie responded, but her suppressed smile admitted that she liked the compliment.
“Heck yes you are; you and akk3165 are like, my Witty idols,” Jackie laughed, rolling over.
“Awwh, thanks!” replied Jaycie, beaming.
“No problem,” responded Jackie, who began writing down quotes for her fanart with her eccentric blue pen.
“Hey, Jaycie,” Lizzie started, turning to face Jaycie. “Aren’t you a part of that collab thing with xoalicecullenxo and a couple of other girls?”
“Oh yeah!” Erica smiled. “I heard about that! You’re writing that story… um… it’s called Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs or something?”
Jaycie laughed. “You were close,” she smiled. “It’s Cloudy With a Chance Of Death.”
Jackie perked up. “I love that story!” she exclaimed. “You guys are awesome writers.”
“Thanks,” Jaycie responded, giving Jackie a huge smile. The long night went on peacefully for the Request-Filling Wittians. They finally fell asleep close to midnight, with their notes and sketches beside them and their pens loosely gripped by their tired hands.

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I'm kinda cute
 If you look at me with your eyes closed.


Hey, did you ask yet?
No, my moms in a bad mood.

Fav if that ever happened to you.
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ThWalk oshame

when you throw a piece of paper in the garbage and missed

when you accidentally walk into the guy's side of the department store

when you're in an arguement and storm out of the room only to realize you left something behind



if you read this message your secretly a ninja! congrats bro

 I found out that 'Made in China' stickers are made in Korea.
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
I miss you .
The old you . Not  this stupid
show you put on for everyone ,
every single day .
What happened to you ?.
**screw the one month thing , i'm posting quotes again .
You think you hating me hurts me ?.
Think again .

-Don't hate because I'm cute and sweet ;
hate because you can't compete . 

-Hating is the sincerest form of flattery .
-Don't hate what you can't imitate .
-Hating on a certain name
only gives them fame . (;
-If you don't like me remember
it's mind over matter ;
I don't mind and you don't matter .

-Love me or hate me .
Either way , I'm on your mind .
It's really sad how you waste
all your time hating on me .

Don't you have a life to live ?.