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Hi this is secretlove707's layout account(= I recently made a website (, which you guys can visit if you want by clicking on the link to the left and check out my layouts... I'll try to put more on it as soon as possible, but anyways, my name's kiley. im a nerd, but a cool one... i think hahhaha[that was an uncomfortable laugh. i tend to laugh a lot when i'm uncomfortable] (; blow out the candles on may 20th. i love lacrosse, piano, guitar, singing (though i'm not very good at it), field hockey, plays, and MY FRIENDS<3 some of em are; danielle, kaitlin, marie, hannah, ambria, annika, ashley, brianne, erica, maya, meryl, and olivia<3 brown eyes, dark brown straight hair, flat nose=me. i'm insecure; i hate A LOT of things about myself (mostly my appearance...ick). i'm constantly wishing i was prettier, and always trying to get *that one boy* to notice me for more than a friend. i've let people manipulate me and knock me down, but i've learned to get right back up. i'm not popular, but i'm me. i know i can't change myself, so i've learned over the years to be me instead of trying to change myself for others. everyone is beautiful and amazing in their own way, even if other people (or you) don't see it at first(=. anyways, enough with all this sappy inspirational stuff hehe[; drop me a comment if you want to know anything else. check out my quotes or jam to some music ;D keep it up witty people, pce.
just made my website(;

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