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I'm 15 from Plymouth, I like music and singing (slightly obvious from my name) I've never really been that good with words so we'll just have to see how this goes :) I've got Snapchat, Ask.Fm, BBM, kik, almost everything except tumblr so just ask :) It turns out I'm pretty good with advice so feel free to ask me anything and I'll try my best :D

secretlysinging's Favorite Quotes

I wonder what it's like

to wake up and love yourself

to look in the mirror and not want to cry

to weigh yourself, see the number, and not want to puke

to be with friends and not feel ugly

to go into public and not be insecure

to go shopping for clothes and not feel fat

i just wonder;

what it's like to love your life...
hopefully im on your mind to

there is a reason I’m single and it’s called my face
I knew a girl who liked to draw.
She drew pictures that nobody saw.
She was most artistic at night, in her
bathroom, out of sight.

She didn't tell a soul and her gallery

Her drawings were different, no
pencil or pen.
But needed a bandage now and

She thought why of all people, did it have
to be her.
To be alive in this cruel world.

And one night we stood by the river, under the stars.
She rolled up her sleeves and
showed me her scars.
She felt so broken & embarrassed and looked
at her shoe.

I rolled up my sleeves and whispered,
"I draw too."

imagine having someone who only wanted you and didn’t flirt with anyone else and didn’t make you uncertain whether they liked you or not  
When I weighed 140 pounds, I wanted a gap between my thighs. I wanted light to shine through that gap to get rid of the darkness in my soul.
I wanted to be light.
I wanted to fly to get rid of the heaviness weighing down on my bones.
I wanted to see the white on my rib cages so my mind wouldn’t seem so black. But what nobody warns you is, the only thing you are starving yourself of is happiness.
For every meal that goes down the toilet, a part of your sanity goes with it.
You do not get lighter, darling.
You get even heavier.
Your bones get weaker and they will break at any second.
By thinking you can’t control anything else,
you try to control your food, your weight, your body.
But what they don’t tell you is you lose control of everything.
You were so desperate for light that you let yourself be thrown into the dark
just to watch
the flames of hell burning.


if you save yourself for marriage
you're a bore
if you don't save yourself for marriage
you're a wh.ore-ible person
if you won't have a drink
you're a prude
but they'll call you a drunk
as soon as you down the first one


Teacher: Turn in the test even if you're not finished.
Teacher: Oh and it's worth 25% of your grade.

Me: Dad, I'm cold
Dad: Go stand in a corner
Me: Why?
Dad: The corner is 90 degrees.