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Seeing the Impossible  
Chapter 22- (Part 2)


    Almost as if he was reading my mind he shrugs, “Remember, I’m a shadow. I live in your body. I can enter your dream too. Along with the other shadows. I never knew I can visit you in your dream with him around. Guess his barriers can hold up to some points huh?  You shouldn’t be here, with him” He said glaring at Andre.
                “Who is he?” Andre asked glaring back, “Are you a dream crosser too?”

                He snorted, “No, I’m not. I’m a shadow.”
                “A what?”
                I gulped; I didn’t want to tell Andre yet. Not like this.
                “Andre, take me back.”
                “What?” He asked, not understanding what I was saying.
                “How do I wake up?!”
                “What’s that matter Jillian, don’t want lover boy to know he’s the reason you’re going to die?!” He yelled.
                I shut my eyes and forced myself to open my eyes. 
                ‘This is my dream. I control this. I command you to wake up!’ I yelled at myself.
                “No!” I heard Shade yell. But again, I was engulfed by silence seconds later as black darkness took over me.  

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Seeing the Impossible

Chapter 22 (Part 1)-
                I was gasping when I open my eyes. I jolted up to realize I am no longer in Andre’s house. No, it seems more like a crazy clown house, the one you see in killer movies. The room was checkered in pink and black and there were shelves and shelves of broken dolls and books. What scared me the most was that some were actually laughing and talking.
                “Andre?” I called out looking around the room.
                Moments later I saw him walking towards me with a serious face, “Do you believe me now?”
                “Where are we?” I asked.
                “We’re in your dream. A weird dream you have here” He stated as he looked around.
                “So…this is my dream?” I asked again slowly as if I didn’t imagine it. I didn’t, how can I? But as I looked around, I notice that the dolls and the books there did in fact, belong to me. But after their deaths, I threw them all out.
                “This..Is crazy” I stated finally.
                “Believe me I thought I was crazy when I discover this ability. I kept being suck into people’s dream unconsciously so my mom gave me this necklace” his hands looped around the necklace he was wearing.
                “It helped me control my powers. I’m a dream crosser, I can cross through dreams of other people, I can talk to them in their dreams” he explained. Then it hit me, he was the one that visited me several times.
                “But…why does my dream look so…messed up?” I put it.
                “This is how you imagine it to be in your head. This is all you’re doing” he explained. I was still freaking out inside as I took this in, no way. So this is what Shade was talking about, Andre was different from a human being. And that part of me didn't want to let this go, a part of me wanted myself to still believe that there still there. A part of me created this sick dream house full of painful memories I wanted to forget.
                “You think?”
                My head wiped around to see Shade standing at the door looking between me and Andre.
                “Shade?” I gasp, what was he doing here?     

Seeing the Impossible
Chapter 21-

                “What’s the matter Jillian? You seem sad lately?” Andre asked me as we sat on his kitchen eating ice cream.
                “It’s nothing really” I looked at him, he looked and acted normal. How is he the main source that will kill me? Was this some kind of curse by God himself? Right after my parent’s and best friend’s death; I couldn’t even make any friends.
                Until I met Andre, and now he’s the reason why I will die.
                My life is a living mess.
                “Is that so?”
                “Then give me a smile” he commanded.
                I tried to force myself to smile but I just couldn’t. I sighed.
                “See? Something is wrong. Tell me” He said.      
                 “You give me no choice then” Putting down his ice cream, he got up and faced me. I look at him curiously as of what he’s going to do next. He raised his arms and as soon as it came in contact with my stomach, I giggled and squirm uncontrollably. 
                “No! Stop it!” I managed through my laughs.
                “Then tell me what’s wrong.”
                “I can’t! You’ll…you’ll think I’m crazy!”
                He stopped tickling me and looked at me with confusion.
                “Why would I?”
                I didn’t say anything; I didn’t even look at him. I said to much already.
                “Look…how about this. If I tell you one of my biggest, darkest secret. Will you tell me yours?”
                I looked at him with raised eyebrow, “Trust me, nothing will beat my secret.”
                “Oh yeah? I can travel into people’s dreams” he stated seriously.
                I looked at him for a second, “You’re kidding right?”
                “Prove it” I found myself saying.
                “Okay then, put don’t be scared, promise?”
                I hesitantly nodded.
                “Close your eyes.”
                I did.
                The next thing I knew there was a wind blowing at darkness consumed me. 

Addicted to you 

Chapter 21- (Part one)
               “Twenty minutes late” I said slowly, flicking my cigarette onto the side walk as I finally got up to get ready for school.
                “You coming?” I asked Maria.
                “Nah I’m ditching today, Skrillex is throwing a concert and I have to go” She said with a smile. I rolled my eyes before going into her closet and getting some clothes to borrow.
                “You mind?”
                I went inside and quickly took a shower and brush my teeth before knocking on Nick’s room.
                “Nick? You awake?!”
                “Yeah hold on!” He said and moments later he was out, all dress with another pack of crack out for me.
                “Thanks” I said and shoved it into my school bag.
                “No prob’ babe now let’s go” he looped an arm around me as we walked to his car.
                By the time we got to school, I was official one hour and thirty minutes late. Like I care.
                “Catch you later” he kissed me before walking to his class while I did the same. When I got in Miles’s class for only fifteen minutes left, I took a seat in the back corner. Amy and I looked at each other; I stuck my middle finger at her. As for Miles, he wouldn’t meet my eyes. I pulled on my sleeves, having an urge to cut just from looking at him.
                “Willow, mind explaining why you’re late for class?” Miles asked. All eyes on me.
                “**** off” I simply said earning me some gasp and widen eyes. At this point, I don’t really care any more, all I want is to go home and cut or do some drugs to get me high. I should have made Nick stay home with me and Maria.
                “Distension, after school.”
                “Like I’m coming” I snorted.
                “One week then.”
                I glared at him, “What the **** is wrong with you?!”
                “I should be asking the same for you” he counters back.
                “Forget it” I pushed myself off the seat and grab my bag before leaving the class, ignoring all the looks from my other classmates.
               When I opened the door, I was in for a shock.