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long nights best friends talking bout everything long night losin friends talking bout nothing long nights no friends nothing talking but the wind

Quotes by secretsXlockedXinside

That awkward moment when he kisses your cuts and scars.
A smile on her lips.
Cutson her hips.
Pills on her tounge.
Paint on her face.
Nothing about her is happy.
But she'll make you belive everything is ok.
They attack me with their words, so I attack myself with my blades.
I can't drown my own demons. Why? Because when they were angels I taught them how to swim.
"Witty Profiles is more fun with friends tell ypur friends about Witty Profiles." No no witty don't you understand? We don't want them here. We are who we are here and our "friends" can't see that. No no no.
Who ever said I cut my wrists?
Sleepless night drooping eyes mind ablaze nothing safe because what didnt kill her made her skin thicker scars longer and blades duller shes not so alone after all she got her best friend to call to pull her through the tough nights the rough fights her mind screaming to be heard but her mouth remains motionless afraid to be heard afraid to be different afriad to hurt the ones she loves so she picks up a blade once more and drags it through the scars
Aching hips split wrist tear soaked pillows blood stained blades sleepless nights horrible fights this is the life of the broken and the truths left unspoken
And I lie
with tears in my eyes
but still you don't see
the pain inside of me
so I just curl up in a ball
but you just watch me fall