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Jared Riley's the name.

20 years old, born on the 21st of March.
College Bound-Class of 2017.
Beatles, Billy Joel, and Frank Sinatra.
Basketball and Football's the game.
Quidditch for Gryffindor is how I roll.
Potterhead and Forrest Gump.
ht Supporter of Gay Rights.

Currently in love with a girl that's gone.
RIP Courtney Elizabeth- 2/6/13

Hello, is this thing on? *tap, tap*

Hey I know it's been awhile with no updates,
so here's what I've been doing the past 'x' months.
I'm okay. Kind of like Hazel Grace Lancaster.
Alive, but dying inside, you know?
College  helps, but only does so much.
I've stop seeing my psychiatrists because he didn't understand.
I'm still in love with Courtney, never have gone on a date since her.
Well, that's it for now, I guess. See y'all later.

Update (3/31/15)
Again it's been awhile, but hey.
Some people got my email and keep asking about my condition.
As much as I appreciate the questions and concern, please stop.
I'm trying to move on and questions  make me doubt myself.
BUT to answer all of your questions;
-I'm okay.
-I'm still in college
-I have not gone on a date since Courtney
-I don't plan on going on one soon
-I need my space



Quotes by jariley*

In my dorm yesterday, all of the single girls were watching the Little Mermaid in the common room. It was Courtney's favorite movie, and the last that we watched together. Instead of forgetting the pain, I sat and watched the movie with all of the girls. They didn't say anything to me until after the movie, and I told them our whole story. Needless to say, they said it was the best love story that they've ever heard.

It seems like yesterday, Heaven gained 26 angels.

and you don't know what it's like to be in my shoes.

I like the parts of your face that are covered in skin.

Sister from another mister.
Bro from another h

Don't sweat my swag...
Shut up, stop talking.


My college professor told me that getting a degree is one of the best things in life, but I'm already perfectly content with my laptop all day.

I was listening to the radio today, and Lana Del Rey's song came on. For some apparent reason the song reminded me of Courtney, and every time it said will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful, it reminded me of when Courtney lost her hair;she kept asking if she was still beautiful, and the answer was always yes.

Sometimes I look into the stars at night, and I can always see your face, looking down at me, and I thank God you were in my life.