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Welcome to secretsunspoken__x! This account is where you can leave a secret of yours in the comments box, and then it will be turned into a quote completely formatted. This account isn't so we can just take your secrets and turn them into quotes and then we take credit for them. No, we're simply here to help you get whatevers bothering you off your chest anonomously. This whole account was inspired by the amazing website of SixBillionSecrets. I thought that website was so inspiring and helpful, that I decided to bring it to witty, where anyone can share their secrets without being made fun of or talked to about, and all your secrets will be posted too! So unlike the website, theres no voting and you'll definatly see your secret on the quote page! Like I said before, we do NOT take credit for your secrets as quotes. Even if you decide to not put your username on the quote, its still yours and all credit goes to you! The only thing we take credit for is the format and we will state it in the quote if its not our own format by saying the persons username that we got it from and that its their format. Not just 'nmf'. I hope you enjoy this witty account!
Please Note: Don't be afraid to share your secrets! We will not comment back to you telling you that you are wrong, or its wrong what you think, or anything on that level. We do not judge anyone for anything that they post in our comments box. If we are very concerned about someone, then we will reply to them saying that we are but not on a judgemental level and not saying that you are wrong or stupid or that you need help and that you have issues. So please feel comfortable about leaving your secrets here! They will be safe with us!(:
Just Saying; but me (the creator of this account) has gone through depression and is now on medicine for it.
I'm definatly NOT going to judge you.

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i think im ugly, and the only reason my friends hang out with me is because they look so pretty next to an ugly girl


last night i tried to make myself puke,
     im so unhappy with the way i look.
i hate myself more & more everytime

i look in the mirror



 sometimes wonder if anyone would even care

if i was gone.


im so in love with the guy i went out with for 4 months.
he  left  me  for  my  friend..  and  i
pretend to be over him,       but im
heartbroken.           im leaving to a
new   school   in   the   fall  and  im
never  going  to  see  him.       hes
the     only     reason     i     haven't
killed myself.        he always tells
me   im   beautiful   and  amazing.

i need him

I'm in love with my ex-boyfriend, but I have a boyfriend already.
I don't know what to do,      but every time I see my ex-boyfriend
I die a little inside,

because im just a fool who can't move on

I don't know why I still think about my ex;
or get happy when he talks to me. I don't like him.
I like the old him, the one I used to know.
I love my new boyfriend of 8 months but...
I don't understand why I still think of my ex.
credit to pigglywiggly for the boarder.

I can't trust all my friends...
[&] it doesn't feel too good.

i have the biggest crush on a guy
who      will      never      like      me,

and two of my friends like him too.
                                   «  ♥  »

everyday i go to school and put on a
fake smile.

i think about suicide.
And i'm totally against it,
which is the weird part...