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Hi. I'm Kylie;), i'm 14, i love One Direction, Coldplay and my boyfriend, a whole year next September 8th<3. I've got a few friends on here:), but that's why i made this account, so they wouldn't be able to find me, even tho a few have :PP, i'm a shy girl, but once you get to know me, i can be...spaztic. I love Music, it's what keeps me going through the days and what partcially stops me from cutting-i don't do that anymore though, i've promised not to, even though i've broken that before, but i won't again, hopefully....Anyway, if you wanna know anuthing about me, i'll probably tell you, i oberdramatize my life, i think i have a terrible one but really it's pretty good right now, it's only because i've give up on everything XD, i've got a few bestiesssss, one's on here, one i literally live with half of the summer-we have lake houses right next to eachother and go to the same church :), i'm a very piss-y type of person, if i don't like you, i don't really give a sh/t of what you think of me, i will just Not like you, i can be very biolent, and i don't like to be touched by most people, i HATE leting people tell me what to do/when i'm told i shouldn't stand up for myself, the last thing i would wanna do is let anyone get beat down,and it Really makes me mad when someone messes around with anyone that i love, i will make sure that you have h/ll, js, sorry, that was violent, sorry. i'm also a very apologetic person, i hate what i see in the mirror, i like my pets, i text a lot, you will pretty much Never se me without my iPod, aaaaand Bye
i don't know what to put hereeeeeeeeeeeeee, so hgerjkas;fjkla;sdjgkl;dgjkldf;ghuiehufsoj;fioedhugfbjknsdjfkla;guerhadklfjaskdguaeirghivoadfnkbldfhrhfi[ojdvskn,i'm waititng for my boyfriend's football camp to end XDhgfdsjkflsakbdfsdagjkdfklfkdsgbjghrifd;ljkfl;sadjkfl;sjdkga;hdfioghiwot;hegiod;fjksal;fjklad;gjiohtrieoadnfkl;sfioghrwioghakfl;
One Direction
Same Mistakes, Torn<3, I Wish, Moments, More Than This, I Want, Up All Night, Taken, Stole My Heart, Forever Young, Na Na Na, Save You Tonight, One Thing
Death and All His Friends, Princess of China, The Scientist, Green Eyes, In My Plave, Don't Panic, God Put A Smile on my Face, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, Us Against the World<3, Yellow, Fix You<3 <3 <3
Kenny Chesney:
Old Blue Chair, Don't Blink, Don't Happen Twice, No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem, Out Last Night, Somewhere With You, Being Drunk's a lot like Loving You, Sun Goes Down, Down the Road, Baptism, Save Me, Woman With You, California, Because of Your Love, FOr the First Time, Guitars and Tiki Bars, I Might Get Over You, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Life is Good, Me and You, She's Got it All, That's Why I'm Here, What i Need to Do<3, A Woman Knows Boys of Fall
Without Me, Beautiful, Forgot about Dre, Drop the World, Right Above it, Smack That, Kim, One Shot Two Shot, Square Dance, Till i Collapse, Sing for the Moment<3, 25 to Life, Space Bound, My Name Is, Lighters, Cinderella Man<3, Mockingbird<3, When I'm Gone<3, Lose Yourself, My Name Is
Those are my main artists, but i have  a tom more people, it's just a few songs from each of them or one

I don't know what to put hereXD, so i'm gonna put favorite stuff, i guess:[)
Animal: i don't knowXD, Dog or Tiger
Gerene: Anything
Place: Montezuma, Iowa
Food: Goldfish
Diner: Noo ideaXD
Game: Loaded Questions
Video Game: C.O.D;)
Computer Game: Tetris...XD
Website: WITTY:D
Color: Purple and Orangeee:D
Season: Fall/Summer
Book: Hunger Game Series, The Host (Stephanie Myer)
Class: Social Studies
Time: 9:00
Day: Night
Flower: These fuzzy thingies XD
Place in House: My Room

This looks 

Quotes by secretvent23

just remember,
       You've had to
suck on your mom's nipples before.
You're welcome.

one year ago.
        One year ago is when I made this account, and i still remember the night. When my friends were telling me that i was spending too much time with my boyfriend. That stupid gmail chat. The day before my friend's birthday. The day I decided to hide more often than i wanted to. That i couldn't trust people too much, ever. One year ago-my password still the same words that ran through my head that night, even if they didn't think that. One year ago, when it all started, when i had hoped it would stop. When all it did was escalate. When i  finally let all of those thoughts get to me. Strange, isn't it? How just those few comments, those such simple words can tear someone completely down, that build them up as someone completely different. But i don't regret anything. I don't regret wanting to die, cutting, even to this day. It shows, that i've done bad, that i've thought bad, that i won't be able to go back, but that's okay. i've learned more than i've lost, even though it was a lot... Thank you, Witty. For this past year. Thank you, Steve. You've changed and saved me in so many different ways, i won't ever be able to thank you enough. 


&you   know   what's  funny?
                  [  [  How  we all say, "Oh, society SUCKS, it's terrible
and kills people and puts them in pain, society's so stupid, i 
don't know why it's so Popular, it's so dumb."
]  ]
                  but   honestly?  > > >
                 *  *  *    We   are  society. We are the one's that follow all of those  things. We  are the ones who make them. We may complain about society, but we're the ones who made it, who still keep it going today. We say, "Strand up for the kid being bullied," but when you see that kid get bullied in the hallway?   


We stand with out backs turned,, passing by, pretending not to see, whenwe know what's going on. But we don't want to lose our precious
popularity. No one does. That's everything now adays. And we complain about that. But it's from us. It's a constatnt circle. Why hasnt' anyone tried to stop it?

Because  we  are just tofull  of ourselves  to care

Sometimes I wonder,
<<< If  What You Say is True, >>>
♥When you look into my eyes,♥
¤ ¤ and say, " I Love You. " ¤ ¤


he asks, coming near.
"i can't take it anymore, okay?" i screamed.
         I can't take the sleepless nights,
      the scars and the blood and the thoughts.
I can't take the words, the whispers, the looks.  

  ` -  - >    want to die," I cried.
                and i'm too close 



    Words;    > > > 
 how little they mean
  when you're a little too late . . . 


 I  don' t  care  i f  I  B R A K, 
{{{' c a u s e   ' j u s t   o k a y '   i s   n o t   e n o u g h, }}}
                                >>>help me fight through the nothingess. of life.





No  Mistakes, Not this time,
             >>>>>>I'm gonna let my heardefeat my mind.
i cant do this anymore. i cant act happy. i cant do it. no more...