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i was wondering if all you wittainns could help me get ace_legacyy delted, shes telling people to go kill themselves.
weird moments in my life #2 
at the dermatologist 
dermatologist lady: are you black or do you have a really nice tan? 
me: i just got back from saudi arabia, so its probly just a tan 
dermatologist lady: oh really thats nice! 
me: *laughs* 
mom: -_- her dads black
weird moments in my life #1
the time i got shoplifting advice.
mom: you two go get labels, and behave.
kenny and i: what do you mean behave?
mom: no shoplifting
kenny (jokeingly to me): yeah because thats a huge problem with you
some guy walking past us: just stiff your pockets
kenny and i: *dieing from laughter*
*we calm down*
me: what just happened?
kenny: i think we just got shoplifting advice.
i love you, but you dont really care do you?
bold what you've been called:  
- ugly  
- stupid  
- not good enough  
- a waste of space  

- anorexic
- fat
- loser  
- b.tch  
- useless  
- freak

- emo  
- r.etard
- g.ay  
- too tall

- too short
- nerd
- you'd be better dead
my family... i just cant...
todays one of those days where i just want to sit in my room, listen to the fray, and cry
where did i go wrong? 
i lost a friend</3