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*Warning Graphic images and loud music*
Some viewers may find the content disturbing

Jesmin has my heart <3


(Heavy Metal Warning)

Get the fuck up, And fight like a man!!

I did it for the lulz..


Quotes by SokuDragonBallZ*

It's A World I've Grown To Know,
Take It Away,
Take It Away,
It's A Life I'm Forced To Live,
I've Got Nothing More To Give,
Take It Away,
Take It Away,

This Generation Is Dead.

I Know I am

More Than They say.. 


Even at my ugliest

You Still say I'm


A honest and dependable person
is worth more than gold.



I Fxckin

love you!!"

For you...

Are very are to

decribe with

only words.

 I will not ask for forgivness for what I have done is unforgivable,
I was so lost in hatred and revenge.
My sweet love,
you stole my heart what was left in my heart
and i've lost you forever.
 I swear no harm will come to you  as long as i live 
not a day shall pass I don't miss your smile 


To me love is like being able 
to see the light inside 
a person who only 
sees darkness.


I seriously have no one when i need them most... 
wtf is wrong with everyone.
The only time i need someone the only thing thats there for me is music.
I hate everything 
i guess i will just have to pull myself together again

l     I have absolutely nothing to do on this computer right now.    l