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i dont really know myself so please bear with me while i try to figure it out

Quotes by semisonicheart94

when you find your self liking someone a little too much and you gotta smack yourself up because ur too damaged to go for it and ruin a good friendship
as much as id like the past not to exhist it still does
ive been believing in something ao distant as if i was human and ive been denying this feeling of hopelessness in me all the promises ive made just to let you down you believed in me but im broken
hold on to me now you know i cant stay long all i wanted to say is i love you and im not afraid
hello im your mind giving you someone to talk to ..hello if i smile and dont believe soon i know ill wake from this dream dont try to fix me im not broken..hello im the lie living for you so you can hide..dont cry..suddenly i k ow im not sleeping hello im still here all thats left of yesterday..
sometimes its not about forcing the happiness its about not letting the sadness win
made dinner rented movies bought drink and he never showed