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i dont really know myself so please bear with me while i try to figure it out

Quotes by semisonicheart94

when you start to fall for the fwb and know they aint feelin the same but they atill hit u up all the time

if he can't handel your at your worst then he doesn't deserve to have you at your best

josies on a vacation far away
i just wanna use your love tonight ohh i dont wanna loose your love tonight
noone ever said the road would be easy there are bumps you will fall and get back up "every scraped kneemakes you stronger"

just rember you are you nobody can ever take your place theres only one of you love yourself and life your life to the fullest this workd only gets one of you so make as much of an impact as you can when your finally laid to rest this world will never find another that compairs

never let someone make you feel like your worth less than the verry best
if you give a little love you can get a little love of your own
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