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i dont really know myself so please bear with me while i try to figure it out

Quotes by semisonicheart94

if you give a little love you can get a little love of your own
if i could do it all over i would change so many things
when someone asks you how you feel and you tell them then they get mad and dont wanna talk to you like well you asked
You dont know how it feels to be alive until you know how it feels to die oh and if thers any love in me dont let it show and if theres any love in me dont let it grow
the higher the horse you ride apon the harder the fall and dont be fooled hunny we all fall eventually
sometimes you must humble your self to see where others are coming from
the worst thing is when your with someone so long been through so many ups and down and you fool your self into thinking it will last forever and then one day you wake up and you look at them and you realize your no longer in love your just going through the motions then you panic because how long have you felt like this but tried to deny it sometimes it takes along time even after you realize this to be able to let go saying goobye is the hardest part
why cant people juat be honest about there thoughts and feelings what are we all so scarred of you blow 100% of the chances you dont take life would be ao much better if we were all just a little more honest
boy: you have too much personality
girl: no you are too bland your made up of primary colors im the whole rainbow if you cant learn to paint with all the colors it wont work
boy: speachless ...
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