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i dont really know myself so please bear with me while i try to figure it out

Quotes by semisonicheart94

if he cant handel you at your worst then hes just not worth the time and effort
when your friends with someone for so long that they have completely pulled the wool over your eyes and then you finally are forced to see there true colors and there so much less than you thought
she blew out like a candle in the wind never really knowing where to turn too when the rain began
darling you are going to be better ,darling you are going to be happy
i longed for a taste of freedom or at least freedom from this bed
even sleep wont rescue me
silently picking up my clothes i turned on my heals and walked away
last night i slept with a stranger for the first time since youve gone regfully lying naked thinking of what ive done her leg still forced between mine
when you desperatley want to be ready but your heart and mind are just not in sync
i feel like i havnt been alone long enough to fully appreciate the presence of another
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