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I told one of my closest friends that I'm bi. And she's obviously displeased and is barely talking to me. She doesn't get that I seriously need her right now. 
I hate earth. 
When I discovered Witty profiles,
I still had a little bit of a social life.
When I discovered,
well, let's just say, social life=gone.

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Tell Me a Lie
A 1D fanfic

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Tell Me a Lie
Character Profiles

Guys, I finally picked! Wow it was hard to choose between you awesome Wittians, but I did, so here it is!
Allysa: Smileanddontcry

Name changed to: Carly

Becca: dance98765

Name changed to: Chloe

Emily: ErinRAWR

Name changed to: Evanna

Beth: amylou

Name changed to: Amy

I'm sorry if you wanted to get picked for something and didn't, it was a tough decison and I did my best.

Soo I'll tell you when the first chapter is out, so comment if you want to be notified!



Format: meganrox010


Tell Me a Lie
Character Profiles

1. Emily, 19, Niall's best friend, tall, blonde hair with pink stripe.
Pros: funny, supportive, honest
Cons: stubborn, snotty, judgemental
How she fits in to the storyline: Louis has a huge crush on her.
2. Allysa, 20, Harry's girlfriend. Kind of short, plain brown hair, skinny but fit.
Pros: smart, kind, level headed
Cons: know it all
How she fits in: Harry's girlfriend, but maybe Harry has other plans...
3. Beth, 19, Zayn's worst enemy, black hair, green eyes, skinny
Pros: smart, pretty
Cons: mean, backstabbing, hateful
How she fits into the story: Niall kind of likes her, but he can't admit that because Zayn hates her.
4. Becca, 19, Liam's random friend, red hair, blue eyes, freckles.
Pros: cheerful, good sense of humor, sympathetic
Cons: loud, gets jealous.
How she fits into the story: everyone in the group likes her as a friend, but nothing more. And she helps people through their problems and gives advice.

Ok guys, so please read, this is the most important part of this quote! If you want to be one of the characters, please comment! BUT you have to be at least a little like them, so if you wanted to be Allysa, you would have to be smart or something. 
When I pick someone to be everyone, I will change that name fo the character to your name. So say someone named Amy wanted to be Becca and I picked her, I would change Becca's name to Amy. Got it?
So please comment your name, who you would like to be, and why you should be them!
Let the story begin!

Format: meganrox010

Chapter 6
I curled the rope around my wrist, grabbed the rock, and tried to wipe the blood off my face, which was only being used for camoflauge. I crept up the stairs, trying to be quiet. I tiptoed through the doorway, and saw a brightly lit hallway, doors in it, which I assumed were bedrooms and bathrooms, and a living room. I heard the T.V. on, and hunched down, sneaking behind a chair next to the couch in the living room. I saw him sitting on the couch eating chips and drinking a beer. How could he sit, so relaxed, after killing several young women? How could he sit there with no guilt? He made me sick. I crept to the left in back of the chair. There was a small space between the couch and chair. Just enough space to throw a rock. I shifted my foot a little, drew my arm back, and hit him right in the head with a hard throw. 
He fell over on the couch, and I immediatly shot up and ran over to him, sat on top of him, and twisted the rope around his neck before he could do a thing. He waved his hands over his throat, and I pushed them down.
"You have 10 seconds to tell me who you are, why you do this, and if you have any more victims." I said, holding the two ends of the rope around his throat. His face was turning red, but he still didn't reply. I growled and pulled the rope harder, and we winced.
"One more," he managed to croak out.
"Where? Where are they?" I screamed.
"Down the hall. Third room," he croaked again. I nodded.
"What's the adress of this house?" I yelled. He didn't reply, until I pulled the rope as hard as I could, and his face turned a shade of purple.
He finally gave me the adress, and I released the rope, but took it with me and I began to walk down the hall. Then I turned back, and puched him in the jaw, knicking him out. I smiled with satisfaction, and went down the hall.
I opened the third door, the one I assumed was a bathroom, and pushed the door open. It was almost identical to the one I was in, and I walked down the staircase. I saw a girl who looked about my age, her hands tied and her mouth gagged. When she spotted me, she shrunk back against the wall and screamed.
"It's ok, it's ok!" I said, putting my hands up in defense. "I'm here to help you."


Yay! This is turning out to be a rather short story :S Oh well! If you haven't read the other chapters and the prolouge yet, please go onto my profile and check them out. And tell me what you think, feedback means a lot! Should I keep writing? Anyway, comment if you fancy reading the next chapters, when those are posted, or fancy keeping up with this whole story!
love my readers! :)