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Don't you worry your pretty little mind

 people throw rocks at things that shine
and life makes love look hard
Don't you worry your pretty little mind people throw rocks at things that shine
 But they can't take what is ours ♥

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Hey Wittians!
I need your help!
I'm entering a contest and I have to come up with a drawing of
the best day ever! My creativity is going though and I would
really appreciate suggestions or ideas to get me thinking!
PLEASE comment below about what your best day ever would be
I would really appreciate it! Thank You So Much! ♥
Expectation: Using the person next to you as a pillow.
Reality: Using the pillow next to you as a person.
I bought condoms & the cashier said,
"Do you need a bag?"

 I replied,
"No, she isn't that ugly."

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My to-do list for today:
Count My Blessings♥
♥Practice Kindness♥
♥Let Go Of What I Can't Control♥
♥Listen To My Heart♥
 ♥Be Productive Yet Calm♥

Just Breathe


"That awkward when the only thing you know on a test is your name and the date"

 "That awkward moment when you don't even know the date."

Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Kid: "I sorta like horses."
Ty Pennington: "We made your room into a horse! And here we got you three pet horses, and we're paying for your surgery to turn you into a horse!"
One of the hardest parts of life is
deciding to walk away
or try harder.
I went for a run today
but came home after two minutes
because I forgot something.
I forgot I'm out of shape
and can't run more than two minutes.
I have lost 4 pounds since the new year! i feel awesome and im so inspired to keep going on this journey! its gonna take me a while but now that ive seen results im so much more motivated to keep this up :)
My Disney Channel was Even Stevens, That's So Raven, and Lizzie McGuire. It didn't involve talking fish or 11 year olds in high school.