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"You don't have to be perfect, to get what you want. To do what you want, to have what you want. To be what you want, you don't have to be perfect it's a lie." ~Eric Thomas
Can someone please help me. 
I have this ex and she keeps trying to work things out but it seems like every time I try she gets mad again. She got mad for me liking a girls picture on instagram. Then she told me to delete her number so I did but guess who got called "me"  I'm just really lost it seems like she is just wanting me to be her little pet. And honestly it's coming to the point where I can't stand her or care about her anymore. She asked me if I would get mad if she kissed another guy over her house and I said no because of the way she acts and she hung up....I just I don't know anymore 
One day I hope I take my last breath.....
What people don't get, is that I'm not asking you to like me. I honestly don't care. I only have one friend. That thinks the same way as me. I don't like people. Of course I don't why because they back stab you. Why because they are going to cause you pain. I don't want friends people say that's why I'm sad all the time. When really having no friends has changed my life I can be myself. I'm done with people worrying about me liking people honestly I care about people but I don't like them. I don't want friends and never will.
Don't get upset with the mirror, fix the reflection...

I am sorry for all that I have done
It made it seem like I didn't care,
But the other guy won
And this love story isn't fair,

I've tried to change multiple times
But you didn't believe in me,
I've went through so many climbs
I let you in you were the key,

But I made those mistakes
And now you're moving on,
I'm done with the heartbreaks
And now you're gone,

But this time I'm not chasing you
Instead let's go separate ways,
Because my heart is numb to blue
"I love you" will fade for days...

~ Mine C.R

I hate getting attached, you build relationships with people to the point where you need them and then there comes a time when they leave....
I felt ashamed for so long,
you are the reason I go on....
"I want you to get to a point in your life that when you close your eyes all you do is see your dream."~ Mine 
God gave YOU a talent now don't waste it...
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