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my name's melinda.
i'm 19.
soon to be a freshman in college :) so excited. 
i could seriously talk about myself forever.
yeah...i'm one of those people. haha.
but to be fair I could talk about anything forever.
so i guess i'm one of those people. 
or i'm just a unique individual, like you. 
if you're ever bored & feel like talking to someone, 
i'm here :)
who doesn't love new friends. 

oh;& btw- im not an alcoholic or anything...

Quotes by shadyslady

I hope you come back around and say that you want me.
Because I'm so over you
and you'll be the one who has to deal with the rejection
this time around.

how do you tell a guy...

hey, it's cool that you don't like me like that.
but i have the biggest crush on you
and everytime you ignore me...then randomly start talking to me again,
and do this over and over...
it puts me through hell.

i wish i was better at lying to myself.

i know i don't hate him.
i know i don't mean it when i say i hope i never see him again.
i know i want more than anything for things to go back to the way they used to be.

but i also know they never will....

which is why "i hate him."

You know exactly what to say to make me

to make me want to

so all I have left to say is
good bye

I only go on Facebook if I'm in the mood to hear people complaining

Don't wait for things to happen, make them happen.

That's how life works.

When you wish something would happen....make it happen.

You want to be a straight-A student? Be on top of your work and get things done.

You want to be in the best shape ever? Go to the gym and tone up.

You want him to text you? Text him, so he'll text you back.

You want to change your style? Go for it.

Life doesn't last forever. It's only temporary. And tomorrow could be your last day.
Life is too short to be anything but happy.
So make it happen.

that feeling you get
after a really good

haircut :)

...just one of those days :)

when life is hard
it just means something amazing is coming your way :)