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Hey! My name is Shaely! I'm 13, i blow out my candles on the 14th of December. I'm currently single and ready to mingle;p My besties are, Lexa, Lesse, Liv, Madi, Shana, Sara, Jess, Nicole, Nicole, Nicole (yes there's three), Brittany, and i bet there's someone i forgot and i'm really sorry if i did... I recently visited my sister who goes to western connecticut for siblings weekend. i had a really good time!!! I met awesome people like Laura, and Miles!!<333 The 8th grade dance is coming up, my date is Lexa, LEXA SAVE ME A SLOW DANCE!!!(; I'm obsessed w/ soccer. I love One Direction, my favorite is Nialllll!!!!<333 (Fingers crossed that i get those tickets!) I'm so excited for highschool next year, and by the way chicka, yeah these bitches at boulevard do hate you, you know who i'm talking to... So cheers to the crazy friends i have, the drama we start, and the cute boys we meet!(; Love ya gurrlllsss.
Lexa, looking forward to chillin like a villan w/ you watching four weddings, breaking some dart boards, and sitting through many more awkward ccd classes!;D Your house? ;*


Quotes by shaelyp8d

To the kids that have to watch the one they love, love someone else..
that crazy moment when you think "does a heart really give off emotion? or does it simy just pump blood and our braims give off emotion?!?!" ..i wonder..
what if every time we were upset or dissapointed a little piece of our heart broke off and when we had no more pieces left we die..
i miss kim possible
The more boys i meet...
The more i love my dog
and now its clear to me that everything you see aint always what it seems
and i love you more than i did before if i dont see your face nothings changed no one can take your place it gets harder every day
well i tried to live without you the tears fall from my eyes im alone and i feel empty im torn apart inside
im falling from cloud nine
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