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What do you want to be when you grow up?
Normal Person: Doctor
Normal Person: Actress
Normal Person: Lawyer
Normal Person: Teacher
Me: Attractive
it was Michael Jackson's birthday first
therefore you ALL should at least think about him
"Omqqq... it's Liaaaaam birrrrthdaaay I like know where he was born so im a gud faaaaaan"
Michael has influenced A LOT more
Has One Direction made the best selling album in the history of the world? 
Don't believe me?
google it
You are make me realize how much this generations music is going down hill.
Yeah, sure you can like them I really don't care
but you think they are better than Michael?
I can guarantee you they will never give 300,000,000 dollars to charity.
I can guarantee you they will never make a music video like Thriller
I can guarantee you they will never be as kind and sweet as Michael
I can guarantee you they won't be able to dance as well
I guarantee you they will never have as many fans as he did
I guarantee you they will never be as handsome as he was
I guranatee you they will never have a sucess for tour as BAD
I guarantee you they will never preform live in front of 4 million people
I guarantee you they will never be as loving
Yeah sure, Michael didn't have a British accent.. lol are you actually going to try to make that an insult?
I really don't care if you are a fan of 1D, but seriously... where are the Michael quotes?
It's all about Liam...
Yeah woo it's his birthday, I'm glad.
But it was Michael's birthday first
and I don't think any of you realize how much he's done for the world.

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My LIFE IS OVER!!! I'm 15?

I was at my crushes house and he was in the bathroom. I really had to go (he only had one washroom) and I didn't want to disturb him. I started to panic. I decided to take a quick poop on his carpet, and I knew for a fact i would clean the second that I was done. So I ended up pooping, then went and grabbed a cloth to clean with. Then he walks in and says "what the **** did you do?" I turned bright red. SUPER embarassed! I made up a bull story on how his dog took a poop on his carpet, but he told me that he didnt have a dog. I ran out of his house, and he deleted me off Facebook, and texted me his carpet cleaning bill...Now I have to see him at school tomorrow, but I'm not gonna go. FML, I'm 15!


Dafuq did I just read.

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Hold On

"Cheers to junior year," I chanted, along with 100 others that I've known since kindergarten.
We held up our red solo cups, brought them back down, and chugged the beer.
I wasn't a big fan, but since everyone else drank it, so did I.
I was at Nicole McMillan's house party for the second time this summer.
We really weren't friends, but everyone invited me to parties.
 "Whitley," an unfamiliar voice said from behind me. I slowly turned around.
It was a man in an all black outfit, including a black ski mask.
"What are you? Trying to rob a bank?" I joked as I turned back around, a little freaked.
He grabbed my arm and pulled me into the hallway, about five steps away.
"Look. I don't know who you are, but seriously leave me alone."
I looked into the stranger's eyes. They were black. I couldn't even find the pupil.
"You'll come with me." He said in an angry whisper as he put his black glove over my mouth and dragged me up Nicole's stairs.
I tried to let out a scream, but if was too muffled for anyone dancing down stairs to hear through the blaring music. I prayed that someone had seen me and him and would soon follow upstairs and save me.
He took me upstairs and removed the mask. I gasped. It was someone I knew so well.

I never even stepped foot in the school as a junior. How coud I when I'm dead?
I'll tell you the story of my summer and you can see if you can figure it out.
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I have to say, getting just one notification brings the biggest smile to my face, its crazy. It makes me so happy, because I know that someone took the time to read what I wrote, and liked it enough, or was moved enough to click that little favorite button. It may seem small, but it truly means the world to me


Here's to the kids who
remember, "Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind."

Sorry if...


I'm not a blonde with massive b00bs. 


Sorry if...


I don't have Nicki Minaj's butt.


Sorry if...


I don't have Mila Kunis' or Megan Fox's eyes.


Sorry if...


I have bad hair compared to Kim Kardashian.


Sorry if...


I don't have Cameron Diaz's smile.


Sorry for...


being me.


 remember    Lola    Martinez,    not    Tori    Vega.
remember    That's    so    Raven,    not    A.N.T.    farm.
remember    Phil  ,  before    he    went    back    to    the    future.
remember    Megan    Parker,    not    Carly    Shay.
remember     Zack    &    Cody,    before    they    lived    on    a     boat.
remember    when    T.V.    was    good.

I'm a crazy baby, great lady,
total cutie, with a booty, curvy hips,
glossy lips, angle baby, spoiled maybe,
bangin style, gorgeous smile,
short skirt, love to flirt,
temptin' lips, candy kiss,
tell me boiz can you handle this?

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