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Hi guys i am Shannon if you haven't guessed(: I have 2 main best friends Stephaie and Meaghan.Also my witty best friend on here is Jake(: I am outgoing and easy to talk to so if ya'll never need to talk i am here(: I love soccer! I am 15 years of age(: and if ya'll wanna know  anything else feel free to ask!<3 Also some cool people to check out are StephanieKay97. MaeMay1111 and MrReal :)

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Mom: What's wrong? My mind: I used to do so well in school but I'm not anymore. My mind: The people I call friends, aren't my actual friends. My mind: I'm constantly feeling alone. My mind: I'm starting to look at myself different. My mind: Nothing feels the same anymore. My mind: I feel like I'm going to fail at anything I try to do. My mind: I haven't been eating that much and I'm hungry all the time. My mind: I feel like no one cares about me. My mind: I just wanna sleep all day and never wake up. Me: Oh nothing I'm fine.
I need help. No matter how bad i want to i just can't do it. I think i just spent ten minutes bawling and looking at myself in the mirror pointing out everything, I want to cut badly but i just can't i dont know why, I've been clean for a while and i really just need someone to talk to please someone talk to me? I really need someone right now....
It's not easy. Forcing a smile on your face everyday. Telling people you're 'Aye okay' when you're really breaking down inside. When you have been strong for too long and the weakness that was once a burden breaks through. It's not easy to actually be happy with life for once.
So tomorrow at school i'm going to talk to the principle and ask her for permission for us students to wear yellow on September 10. My school we wear uniforms so i don't know if she'll approve. The reason is for Suicide prevention day. I'm going to ask her to take time off and have all students listen closely. I'm going to tell her i'll speak at it because i know what it's like to have suicidal thoughts and losing someone due to suicide. I'm really scared to do it but i think every school should take time off that day and talk about the preventions and causes of it. Wish me luck!
me: *leaves room and walks into kitchen*
mum: hey she came out of his hole
mum: it's like you live in a cave
mum: we haven't seen you in a while
mum: it's like you're a gnome or troll or something
mum: you only leave to stock up on food
mum: oh and there she goes
mum: walking right past me with her food
mum: see you in a few days
Would you still hurt me, if you knew it made me hurt myself, too?
I'm glad to hear you've found a new babygirl. I hope you two are very happy together love. Just know that i will always love you no matter what because you were my first love. </3

Beautiful is a word not said to often. It's a word to define ones true beauty.Inside and out. It's a word to describe everything you are.


another j.e² format

Me: Wanna know who's beautiful?
Me:Demi Lovato she's just simply beautiful <3
Him:Wanna know someone even more beautiful?
Him: You <3
True and I think i am in love <3 :)
Seeing everyones status' about going somewhere this summer for vacation. My vacation was from my room to the kitchen. Best. Vacation. EVER