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Hi guys i am Shannon if you haven't guessed(: I have 2 main best friends Stephaie and Meaghan.Also my witty best friend on here is Jake(: I am outgoing and easy to talk to so if ya'll never need to talk i am here(: I love soccer! I am 15 years of age(: and if ya'll wanna know  anything else feel free to ask!<3 Also some cool people to check out are StephanieKay97. MaeMay1111 and MrReal :)

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Nobody's going to notice this quote because it's ugly.

It's kind of the same concept with people.

Unless you're perfect, nobody cares.
              To her classmates;
                           She is a quiet girl.. who doesn't talk that much.
                 To her friends;
                          She is a funny, outgoing girl.. that always makes them laugh.
               To her best friend;
                                         She is a crazy, fun girl.. that's always there for her.
                To her boyfriend; 
She is an amazing girl.. that he loves more than anything
                 And to herself;
                                           She's completely worthless..

The flutters of butterfly wings
in the pit of my stomach,
the tingle that surfaced under my skin when we touched,
the glance from the corner of our eyes that made me smile,
and the deep warm whole feeling between my chest.

When you left, you didn’t just take you;
you took it all...


 do you ever get so annoyed
at everything

that you start to get mad at even little things
like a spoon clinking against a bowl
or sounds of people talking?


I lied.
I told them to be happy when
I most certainly am not.
I told them things get better when
I doubt that they ever will.
I told them to always have hope when
I've lost all of mine.
I told them everyone is beautiful when
I feel ugly all of the time.
I told them to always stay strong when
I'm slowly breaking as days go by.
I lied, 

But i had good intentions.

This quote does not exist.

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Do you ever just break down 

For no reason at all, you just need to cry.



you've managed to make me hate you even more.
Me: "How do I pass my final for math?"
Siri: Based on your text message history, your best chance is cheating.

Now that's a Smartphone.
I'm getting braces April 18th...
Goodbye fun.