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Quotes by sharkbait08

If robbers ever broke into my house and searched for money, I would laugh and search with them.

My mom liked to play this game called 'talk from somewhere so far and gets mad when I can't hear her.'

I would love to stay and chat but, I really mustache.

a ghost could be humping you right now and you would never know.

clapping the longest during an assembly because you're fearless.

when you eat food that's too hot and you start breathing like a dragon.

On Witty, I feel the same kind of reject, 
pain, and hatred as I do off Witty. 

It's pathetic how
Witty is said to be a place to express yourself
and not be judged. Then when one person
does one little thing, there are death threats,
rumors, and such being told.
So congrats to all the hypocrytes of Witty.
You're just like the people in your life,
that you go on here to vent about.
Hope you feel satisfied now.


If One Direction gets their own category:
We should be able to "ignore" categories.
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