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Quotes by sharkbait08


How my average number of favorites is 3
- - - >i love you guys< - - -


:: Remember When ::
'COOL' ment

::those where the days. ::



used to be my


It has changed so much.

You know what's weird?
 I have yet to actually met someone in person who has a Witty.
 Like what if there is only one person from every single school or town in the world on witty?

format by neversaynever16

I could have lost my bestfriend last night
Now-a-days you can't even go to the movie theater without the threat of being shot. Sending all my thoughts out to those who lost loved ones in the shooting in Colorado last night at the premiere of the Dark Knight.  


Eleven little letters that will make her

all day long.


I used to come on Witty when:

-I could relate to all the Quotes, and they were Original

-One Direction, Cancer, Fave If and "every single girl is beautiful" weren't the Top Quotes

-I could find relatable facebook status'

:: Witty used to be my everything, it's changing to much ::  used   

I fell in love
with a boy
who had a

and i used to cry myself to
sleep every night
'cause i thought we
might have a chance
and then i realized
if he wanted to be with me he would

Another Wasted


there's always that one song that
you can listen to and your mood

- - - >instantly changes< - - -



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