Status: The scars of tomorrow have already formed in my mind.
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I'd trade all of my tomorrows
for just one yesterday.

That moment when your the only one that texts back straight away so you know no-one will text you back for another week or so
Every-one thinks i'm creepy for knowing when your gone but when there's a hole in my heart is that so wrong?
Loving winter when the nights are longer and you can wear big fluffy jumpers, no one judges because it's your third cup of hot chocolate,
You will find me fighting on my own in a war thats already been won i'll be lost until you find me


Quotes by roses_in_the_fire*

I see when your with her your different, you do that smile you banter back with her and you ignore me.
I know you know in here every-one shouts when your near about me liking you.
But you never bother no matter what effort i put in i've never got one word from you.
Whats wrong with me is it because i swear too much shout too much or lose my temeper.
Let me know gimme a sign tell me what im not doing right.
yours truely the girl in the corner of your mind.

It's just a spark but it's enough to keep me going,
when it's dark out no-ones' around it keep glowin.
~paramore last hope.

your the most beautiful person i've seen sonce aaron ramsey and hes amazing,
but your like so muhc better and you gotta realise that i don't care if every-one calls me blind or stupid but your awesome and i love ya for it.
show me that your human you won't break,
love your flaws and live for your mistakes,
beauty's on the surface wearing thin,
come clsoer show the marks upon your skin,
show me that your human.
It's deep like you can get lost i it if you stare at it enough.
thinking of all the things it could be,
all the saddness it's assosiated with all the cold hardship its paired with.
even thought what i think are the most beautiful things we hvae on this earth are this colour.......
Your legs look nice that shade of blue.
You will find me dancing to the sound of an enemies song,
I'll be lost until you find me,
fighting on my own in a war thats already been won,
Ill be lost until you find me.
--paramore, part II
The call was made from inside the house ...
I don't speak for the pleasure of hearing my own voice.

A true warrior—the best warriorisnt cruel or mean. He doesnt claw an enemy who cant fight back. Wheres the honor in that?
--Warriors #3: Forest of Secrets