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 dont use this account anymore.....sorry guys:( i would give you the name to my other account but its a secret/get away account or however you wanna phrase it, if you really loved me the quotes on my new account will lead you to my new identity....:) bye angelfaces:*

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It is not my birthday
it is his birrthday
therefore i shall stay up to say happy birthday at midnight



U won't be forever alone cuz there's someone for everyone.
Yep, and mine is my laptop worry me..

love this kid<3
RIP Avalanna
Forever In Our Hearts<3

~~vent catergory~~
Sick to my stomach
your pathetic now im not gonna do something i love doing because of you,

K guys Adam Sevani just RT'D REPLIED AND FOLLOWED ME....BRB WHILE I DIE<33333
Plot Twist: When Fetch Happens..

And the 7th thing i hate the most that you do, you make me love you..