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Hey guys, I'm Shawn.
I'm 17, live in NYC, and love soccer, Imagine Dragons, and my dog.
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Hey Hi Hello
(someone please help me edit my profile)


Yo....I haven't been online in over 3 years.  I'm pretty sure all the people I used to talk to are gone.
But HI! I'm Shawn :) 

she's gone
I am so lost right now

We've been dating for 3 months
I love her. She's my world. She's about all I think about. She means so much to me, and I can honestly say that I love her. 
But, today we found out that her dad is being transfered in his company to another firm in Arizona. 
She's leaving me in 2 months. 
2 months is all we have. Then she'll be gone.
I know its not very manly, but I'm literally crying right now.
I dont know what to do </3

The Pink Panther

he was shot in the head
was it fatal?
how fatal?
I need to speak to him now
You can't....he's dead.

My girlfriends sister made a little play for my girlfriend and was a wedding.

She said "this is practice for when you really get married. But I have to be that flower girl"

She's 4

Yesterday, I was walking home from school, and some guy was leaning out his window a few stories up screaming
My life = made

True story

Hey, it's Shawn
I think I might be leaving Witty.  And no, this is not for attention, so let me tell you why.
When I first came here, people were so nice.  I got tons of faves on quotes, followers, comments, ect.  But now, I feel completely ignored all the time.  And, a girl told me that people only talked to me and payed attention to me here because I'm a boy.  But now, she says, since I have a girlfriend, no one cares and no one wants to talk to me or fave my quotes. 
I thought people here liked me and my quotes because of the content, not just for being a boy.  and now, since I'm dating the most wondeful girl in the world, girls think since i'm not "available", they don't need to pay any attention to me.
And it hurts.
I don't want to leave Witty, but lately it's just not the same.  Not only because of teh 1D quotes, since my sister is obsessed with them and I get force-fed information about them everyday, so I'm used to it.  But I feel like it's not fun anymore.
Please remember you're all beautiful and I love you all :)
and if you actually read this, thank you so much♥

I love when I'm the middle of calss and it's so boring that I fall asleep in the classs right before lunch.  And when I wake up, everyone has gone to lunch, but no one woke me up. 

And when I did wake up, the teacher just said

"good morning, Shawn.  Welcome to lunch detention"

I love you for you, and I would never try to change you. 
You will always be beautiful to me, not matter what. 
I want to have you and hold every moment of my life, and never ever let go.
I love you ♥