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Hey guys, I'm Shawn.
I'm 17, live in NYC, and love soccer, Imagine Dragons, and my dog.
Chat it up if ya like  


Quotes by shawn_the_man

And sometimes I wonder,
if you ever think of me
but then I remember, I don't care


other people: omg It's my birthday!!! can i get a few faves?
1200 faves

Me: it's my birthday!! can i have 16 faves for my 16th birthday?
1 fave

oh my gosh, guys. I feel so loved.


If you have ever been called

Put this as your quote and whoever
it, disagrees.

Kiss me, I'm Irish ;)
OK, no I'm not....but I still want a kiss ;*

bored to death. hit me up :)


(╮°-°)╮┳━┳ (╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻

*flips table*


That awkward moment when T-Pain and Chris Brown don't have the best love song ever.

That awkward moment when the New Boys are in the front seat.

That awkward moment when Jessis J remembers the price tag.

That awkward moment when Katy Perry isn't in California.

That awkward moment when Justin Beiber says never.

That awkward moment when Bruno Mars drops the grenade.

That awkward moment when Taylor Swift's gutiar is tear free. 



hey babe, whatcha doin?
haha nothin, what about you?
texting the prettiest girl in the world ;)
awww you're so sweeet baby <3
yeahh but she's not responding to I texted you instead
yay -________-

real convo btwn me and my girlfriend, LoveMyBabyBoy ♥♥

I love kissing you
at all times

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