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i dont go on this anymore.. im thinking about making a new one.. ill let you know. 

Quotes by shawtymaneC4LG

its all fun
and games until
someone gets hurt
And I know I wont
Let that be

                                    ---- Justin Bieber Stuck in the Moment.

alright, stop,drop and roll
Justin Bieber is on fire

Hello Witty!
I am deciding about writing a story for you guys but have it all be actual things that happened to me!!!
Anyone going to read it? If people actually do want to read it i will make it. I don't want to write it if noone is going to read it.?

let me know!

-- Lo\/e Shawtymanec4lg :)
               aka Paige !

 you have to be willing

 to just take the

time and really
kiss me 

 Oh why do you
have to be so cute?
Its impossible
ignore you


dear xokayla97,
<3 you so much


p.s. tell my chaunces i miss them :(
Mom: Well Michael what we are trying to say is Would you like to be a part of this family?

everyone smiled and nodded

Michael: I thought I already was...?

The Blind Side

it will change your life

can someone please tell me a witty user with a  really good story on here! please! i lo\/e reading them!

I think I am going to stop this story. Noone is fa\/ing. and so yea. but if you think i should continue. either comment or fa\/e this quote box! thanks
 i lo\/e you girls
Peace lo\/e,
in the chapter below this quote I MEANT TO PUT CHAPTER 5!