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Quotes by lovelylover*

With every hour
your drifting further away

                 You always have someone on your side
                       whether you know it or not..
How did i get myself in this situation...?
me and my sisters convo....
sister:if you were an alpaca what color would you be?
me: (laughs)umm blue or neon green (laughing)
sister:come on now be serious...what color alpaca would you be?
I love my sister:)
just SMILE as your
passing through the

Feeling like the one person i could trust .....i cant trust no more.
Wishing we could go back to being little innocent kids again.
Weird things about me #2
I like to pretend i can speak another language.

should i do a series?
weird things about me #1
I dont like to drink water.
are the best thing ever to eat....