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omg look its andy sixx ahhhhhhhhh!! hot emo guys are like sooo hott!

Hello~I'm Sierra. I looovee the twilight saga. dont like edward; lovvee taylor/jacob!!!I love My chemical romance, fall out boy, panic at the disco,black veil brides, and nevershoutnever. Most say im emo//scene,,,well i agree. I cant live with out music, skatboarding, or skinny jeans....and i dont go anywhere w/o my DCs or my board.Check out ma site:
and thats about it
enjoy my quotes
or not...!?;*

Quotes by shecklergirl2112

&nd I Love that he changed all of his classes so he could just be in one of mine~
&nd I Lovee how his last name fits
with my first~~
 <3 <3 <3
1. Would you rather be called baby or babe?
2. Would you rather be doing this survey or watching television?
neither rlly but im bored so...ya
3. How are you feeling today?
4. What is on your bed right now?
my cat pillows me and my bestie
5. What are you looking forward to?
seeing my boyfriend
6. Do you miss anyone?
7. Where is he or she?
at home having problems with mac n cheese
9. When will you smile?
when i see himm
10. Did you see anyone you knew last Friday night?
umm yeah lyke everyone i know
11. What are your plans for Saturday night?
hangin at the mall with ppl
12. Do you have classes tomorrow?
no tomorow is sunday
13. What other windows do you have open besides this one?
facebook and youtube-playing smelyalater by nevershoutnever
14. What are you going to eat for supper?
i had sum oj for dinner
15. Is it your favorite dinner?
is it really even a dinner? lol
16. Do you knock or ring the doorbell when you go over to a friend's house?
neither i walk in and scream 'honey im hooome'
17. Do you love compliments?
21. Do you believe in yourself?
22. How many times have you showered this week?
23. Do you have a daily planner? If so, do you keep up with it?
umm i hav one but i dosnt rlly use it
Lay your heart down the ends in sight.
Conscience begs for you to do what's right.
Everyday it's still the same dull knife,
Stab it through and justify your pride

--knives and pens

Just Smile =)
Just Smile
And the world
And the world
Will smile
along with you..

That small act of love <3 
Thats meant for one
Will become two

If we take the chances..
The change circumstances

Imagine all we can do


A words just a word
Til you mean what you say
And love isnt love
Til you give it away

                                 I am trying Not to tell you But I want to
                            I’m scared of what you’ll say So I’m hiding what I’m feeling
                              But I’m tired of Holding this inside my head,

                                                          I’ve been spending all my time
                                                     Just thinking about ya
                                                     I don’t know what to do
                                                     I think I’m fallin’ for you
                                                     I’ve been waiting all my life
                                                     and now I found ya 
                                                     I don’t know what to do
                                                     I think I’m fallin’ for you

                                                          I’m fallin’ for you

love this song!

You know how you drown a blonde, Rosalie? Glue a mirror to the bottom of a pool.
~Jacob Black
Isabella Swan: Look, You gotta give me some answers.
Edward Cullen: Yes. No. To get to the other side. Uh, 1.77245...
Isabella Swan: I don't need to know what the square root of pi is.
Edward Cullen: You knew that?