Status: I'm in love with my best friend.
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lsyp<3 my boy fo lyfee; 6.22.13. 
it's like, i'm so in love with you that it's unexplainable.

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Today, a WWII veteran came into my school to talk about the war. He showed us over 1,000 letters from him and his wife, & to this day they are married still, 68 years. ThisLoveGivesMeHope <3

I remember when I meant everything to you.
I'm the jealous type
you know why?

because at one point,

we were "just friends" too..
Why does it always have to come down to you leavin',
before I say,
I love you..

I've been
let down so many times,
not giving a f*ck
is a reflex.

I'm fine until

I see you, talk to you, hear

about you, miss you.

I'm fine,

until the memories hit.

hell, I can't 

get you out of my heaaad; . ♥

Baby you a song, 

you make me wanna roll my windows down, and cruuuise; . ♥