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My name is Shelby. I live in Dinosaur, Colorado. I know it may sound cool, but it sucks.
It's the most boring place you could ever go, and there is absolutely NOTHING to do.
I'm 13 years old, and I like to write to pass up time. (:

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Love Is Nothing.
Chapter Two.

I stared at Miles as he walked away with his head low. I wanted to cry. I wanted everything to be perfect again. But it couldn't. There was a baby boy involved and Miles had ruined everything. My best friend Megan ran up to me. "Leah what just happened?!" she squealed. "Miles wants me back and I said no." I sighed. "What the hell? Um, take him back? I thought you wanted everything to be perfect?!" she frowned. "I can't. I had his baby and he refused to take care of his own son and he left me," I glared. "Oh my gosh, Leah. That's what you do, you push people away. Give him a chance, he seems like he really wants to meet his son, and he obviously still likes you," she said. "Whatever!" I snapped. I walked to my first class, homeroom. My teacher greeted me right away. I was her favorite. "Hi Leah," she smiled. "Hi Miss Martella," I said nervously. "How's Jace?" she asked sweetly. "He's good.." I said. "Good," she smiled. I walked to my seat.

Miss Martella was pretty much the only person I could trust. She was really helpful when Miles dumped me and when I had Jace. She's like my best friend.

At the end of school, I drove to my mom's to pick up Jace. I knocked on the door and walked in. "Mom, I'm here," I shouted. She walked in with Jace. "Hi Jace!" I smiled and picked him up. "Thanks mom," I said and walked out. I drove home to work on homework and I put Jace down for a nap. My phone rang. Miles. I sighed and picked it up. "Hi ?" I sighed. "Leah, please take me back," he pleaded. "No, Miles," I groaned. "At least let me meet my son," he said.

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Love Is Nothing.
The Introduction.

"You may sit wherever you'd like," my homeroom teacher announced to us. I walked awkwardly to the middle of the classroom. I set my bag down and just sat there. I looked up and saw Miles McClelland walking to the seat behind me. I froze and my eyes widened. I've had a crush on Miles since third grade, and now we were sophomores.

The teacher started talking, but all I could think about was my crush sitting behind me. Someone tapped my shoulder. I jumped and turned around. Miles was smiling at me. "What?" I asked, sounding irritated. "What was your name again?" he smiled. "Leah, pronounced Lay-uh," I explained it. "Oh, cute name. You're really pretty too," he said, still smiling. ~~~

I heard cries from the other room. I struggled to get out of bed. I walked over to Jace's room and picked him up from his crib. "Don't cry, mama's here," I whispered and rubbed his back. He stopped crying and I carried him to the kitchen. I made his formula and fed him. My phone rang. The screen lit up. Miles. I pressed ignore. "Tell your daddy to stop calling me, Jacie-Poo," I sighed.

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Yo tex him ,h doesn't  te xt

back.He was obviously so excited that you texted him that he fainted.
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"I like birds too."

"Why do you like them?"

"Cause they can fly away when things get bad I guess."

-violet and tate-
-american horror story-

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