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hello, this is emily_leah...this is my bestest friend shelby's account. She plays golf and she's a great dancer. that's a picture of her & Summer in a golf pic for school for her profile pic. she is 14. single?? yes ma'am.  well she is awesome and she's a great friend, I LOVE HERR!!!!
<3 emily_leah
its shelbynicole.
well i am 14, red headed, and NOT on drugs. i have a bunch of friends who i love. a few of them being JordanRae, lindanicole, & emily_leah.
well i go to an amazing school in sweet home alabama.
i am raised on southern sunshine (:

"Southern girls are a gift from God to the wole male population."
~Kenny Chesney

Quotes by shelbynicole

Sometimes the questions are complicated,
and the answers are simple.
You know your in love when you can't fall asleep, because reality is finally better than your dreams.
I love food more than my boyfriend.
I don't think that is a problem.

Hakuna Matata
it means no worries

Friendship is a single soul in two bodies..
Just 10 more days of school!!
my friends are in the bathroom getting HIGHER than the EMPIRE STATE <3

~We Are Young
"Those who mind don't matter,
those who matter don't mind."

~Bernard Beruch
All You Need is Love <3

I went to the year 3000.

                              just saying.