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I'm a senior in hs now. California born & raised. 
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Convo with the guy i like;

Him; So did you dress up for 80's day?
Me; yea, i came to school in a pink flamingo dress.
Him; that's hot.
Me; ikr? i got on the tables & danced like crazy.

he's a keeper <3


only on iCarly would they have,
Socko making socks.
Otto who sells cars.
Tyler who sells ties.

January 25, 2011.
i lost my Grandpa.
he wasn't just a Grandpa. He was a dad, brother, uncle, friend, husband, & my hero ♥
he suffered from lung, esophogus, & liver cancer.
he had 6 tumors. on top of that he had diabetes.
his lung weren't functioning so he couldn't eat. that messed up his Diabetes.
the cancer went all around his body.
i remember, when he first got cancer, he was scared but he was strong.
he had all his hair, & he looked perfect.
1 year later, he lost most of his hair. he got really skinny. just seeing him made me cry /':
he was such a nice guy. he didn't deserve to get this. 
i remember he made a joke saying,
"yeah. thank god i am going to lose my hair. no one likes me mustache"
we all laughed.
i regret not seeing him on his birthday. i really do. he was my friend & my second Dad.
i miss his voice, his smile, his hugs, his singing, he face, his eyes, everything </3

thank you SO much for reading this.
fave this if you have lost someone with Cancer.
we need to find a cure.. fast.

who else has facebook
opened on another tab?

sorry, i can't.
my sister's friends boyfriends grandmas granddaughters friends sister's mom's best friends cat broke her leg.

you were cute..
from far away..

how sick are you?
3000 faves for caylee's death?
you just want faves.
i'm sorry, but i think thats rude.
my opinion.

R.I.P Caylee ♥

just cause you can fit into a bikini,
doesn't mean you can wear one(;

this may sound crazy but..
my parents want to move into a new house. so we found a house & we went to look at it yesterday. we went upstairs & looked at all the rooms. well, i went into the first room and i saw a picture of me & my ex at a football game. i was really confused. i asked my mom to ask the person who owns the house. they gave the name & last name. guess what.
it was my ex's house & he still has the picture of us ♥
he was the first guy i had ever loved & i never thought he would have that picture of us.

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