Status: im tired of letting people hurt me
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I am alex. my life revolves around my friends, family and volleyball.
im 17:) a senior, im the second oldest of 5
and i am single:) im usually very outgoing but also pretty shy,
one thing you should know about me is that i have been hurt
so many times and have really bad trust issues because
of it, wanna know more? get to know me:) backgrounds!

Quotes by shellvb

You can't keep pushing people away because you want to see if they'll stay.
Eventually, they'll just want you to believe that they'll still be there in the morning.
They get tired of having to convince you to stay with them.
Let your wall down once in a while; someone will stay.
The ones who don't, dont deserve you.
You didn't love her, you just didn't want to be lonely
I have gotten so good at lying to people about being okay, that I'm starting to believe it myself
I just wish I knew why I wasn't good enough for you.
You didn't break up with me bcause we never saw each other, I offered to hang out all the time. You broke up with me because you wanted to go back to your ex that cheated on you.
You're the one that broke up with me remember? So when you came over to see my brother why were you acting like I'm the one that broke up with you?
I need you more than you need me, it hurts.
I lost the person I intended to keep.
and i really thought that he was different</3
everyone looks at me and thinks im perfect, little do they know:
i suffer from depression
ive thought about suicide...more than once
and when i look in the mirror, i hate myself </3