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If you're crazy and you know it
 shake your meds

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My friend: Can I ask you for relationship advice?
Me:  Sure, but you might end up single.

They should invent

a treadmill with a laptop built

in and the internet wouldn't

work unless you were actually

walking and if you wanted to

download something you had

to run and the faster you run

the faster it downloads.

I'd buy it and lose so

much weight.

Here's to the girls who

  fry their hair every morning for that special guy.
I'm not one of them though. I'm too lazy.



This is what words look like.

When you're crying.


Niall Horan:
  "I'd date a fan as long as she didn't scream in my face."

(C) OneDirectionInfectionn

(C) OneDirectionInfectionn
One Direction Fact/Quote/Convo #173

Me: *sees something funny and laughs*
Bratty girl I babysit: could you stop laughing?
Me: could you stop breathing?

Boy in my class: *sneezes*
Me: "Bless You."
Rest of class: "So, how long have you two been dating?"

This quote does not exist.