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I like sitting outside in my white rocking chair and look at the stars. I like to try to count them, even knowing I'll never be able to really count them all. I like to sit in my rocking chair, and smoke a cigarette. Been smoking these a lot lately. I like watching how the white paper turns orange than black. I lke watching how fire, can take something with color, and turn it black. I like looking at trees, following their branches with my eyes and wonder how long it'd take to draw out their every detail. But do you know what I dont like? I dont like how looking into the dark, somehow makes me feel safe. (thurs @8:38 pm)
No its not about Nick; the new guy. (12:35)
If I'm lucky (6:41)
Just gunna chop it off (6:22)
Yeah probably (6:09)
I didnt give my body enough time to heal so the first tear didnt heal all the way and re tore and i have another tear close to it. But on the bright side Candy is having her puppies; four were born so far and one was a stillborn. Hopefully she has more. Theyre so cute and chunky. Cant believe it. If you want to add me on snapchat (same name) I'll show you some stuff. Dont know why didnt think of that sooner. (5:07 pm)
I cant just forget financially; I have rent, I have bills. This is so scary like it sucks. (7:13)
Im at the doctors now. Waiting to be seen. So scared what Im going to do financial wise. Literally can barely walk so I cant work. &' Yes i remember. Feels like Ive been able to remember almost every single memory this whole time. I do the same thing, when falling asleep. All day staring at him waiting for him to go to work so I can get back on and see what youve said. Sucks. (10:55 am fri)
They just took some xrays and are having me follow up with my dr tomorrow. (5:00)
Knees super bad now. Been getting sent home for crying in the middle of assisting. Kept trying to just stick it out but it hurts so damn bad. Sitting in the hospital right now. (9:27 am on Thurs)