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Dont know why you're so heavy on my mind lately. Just thought I'd leave you something to think about since I was thinking about when you took me ice skating on my birthday. Thinking about driving out with you and looking at christmas lights. Watching you wrap presents on the ground while I adnire you from the bed. Ashlynn asked Jacob what he thought our middle names were. He said he thought mine was Brown. Seven year olds say the craziest things huh. Cant believe I'm going to be 21. Crazy. (Dec 18th @ 10:53 am)
I just talked to Barbara yesterday. She told me she saw you on Halloween. Cant believe youre going through with things. Honestly started crying when she told me. Doesnt make sense considering its been almost two years. Forever since Ive seen you but I still look for you everywhere. Still reminded of you every single day; in every little thing. (Nov 8 @10:51 am)
I hope you're finally not coming on here. I hope you have finally, and truely moved on. I really, really hope you arent checking on here every day for another quote like I am. Im not sure why today out of all the days I have debated on posting something and havent but actually am; not sure. I hope everything is going right for you. (oct 19, thurs @ 8:30 pm)
I like sitting outside in my white rocking chair and look at the stars. I like to try to count them, even knowing I'll never be able to really count them all. I like to sit in my rocking chair, and smoke a cigarette. Been smoking these a lot lately. I like watching how the white paper turns orange than black. I lke watching how fire, can take something with color, and turn it black. I like looking at trees, following their branches with my eyes and wonder how long it'd take to draw out their every detail. But do you know what I dont like? I dont like how looking into the dark, somehow makes me feel safe. (thurs @8:38 pm)
I have all those same thoughts, way too often. Brought Ethan up to see gma dale ; she said that i was following my moms footsteps with all of this. Ive been wearing that blue turtle necklace we got together. She noticed it right away and asked isnt that what you got with her? So that was a nice slap to the face. (5:37 on tues)
No its not about Nick; the new guy. (12:35)
I see that as a step forward. Might suck in the moment, the not knowing, but one day it'll all be clear. So, last night I literally spent all night talking Jessica out of suicide. Our sweet, always happy, Jessica; (the mexican one). She &' I use to be so close, like its unbelievable. Shes so heartbroken dude and it sucks cause Ive been on both sides of this. All back in my feels now. (10:02 am on monday)
If I'm lucky (6:41)