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How about around seven tomorrow night?
I dont even remember what I wrote in it; havent touched the thing since I last wrote to you.
I did care. Do care. I dont know if you remember me telling you I had a notebook full of letters. Told you I wanted you to have it when you left. But kinda wanted you to have it for your birthday. Do you even want it?
Because we wont be able to find that with anyone else .
Dont know if you remember watching Glee with me or not years ago. But Ive been watching it alot lately. I keep trying to think of who reminds me of us the most. Could go with the obvious with Santana and Brittany. Theyre the lesbians. But I find little things in each of them that reminds me of memories. Maybe thats what was so dynamic about us. We had what everyone wanted, we did. We had the love no one else had, or could ever have. Thats maybe what is so scary.
Mm sundaes are always good .,
Whatd you do on your birthday?
For the first time for so long I actually watched the sun set. &' You know what? It was beautiful. It was an unknown source of complete happiness for about eight minutes. Next time youre needing that little spurt of happiness.. look at the sunset. Count the colors. Breathe it in because Im probably doing the same thing. Looking at the same sky. Trying to get that same little peek of happiness.