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Quotes by shescrazy19

Hopefully . (12;01 pm weds)
Haha yeah practically (9:00)
Seriously think I should get that as a tattoo. (6:27)
Just couldnt shut my brain off ; then I somehow thought if I git drunk itd help . Nope nothing but drunk thoughts . (5:41)
Didnt sleep , remember (4:03)
Hecka mean lol (1:09)
Didnt sleep at all lat night ; feel kike a freaking zombie . (tues @11;04)
Haha shush . Thats what happens when you wake up late (4:28)
Just eating resses for breakfast (11:03)
Everything will always be okay , thats what we gotta remember . Do you remember that one Halloween when we went to the haunted corn maze with Rain &' Aubri ? We stopped at a gas station cause I had to pee and I bought a bag of resses ; I spent forever to take all the chocolate off the peanut butter part . Remember what you did ?! You took it and ate it like a butt ! (Mon @ 8:46)