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Quotes by shescrazy19

Yeah i dont "have" too , but I want too . Hows your day going ? (10:51)
I want to say something but I dont know what to say . (weds @8:50)
How did everything go? (5:27 on fri)
Everytime Im home and check on here its a risk. Every night hes home we drink. Most of the time I have a beer or two then go to bed since I work so early. Last night I drank a lot. He did too; but he passed out pretty early which was weird. I couldnt fall asleep so ended up taking a bath. Kept drinking and checked on here and saw that post. Drank more, faster. Now Im at work trying so hard to get sober cause Im still drunk. Chugging water and just trying to get it together. Guess we'lp see how this works out. (8:53 thurs)
No. I kinda blew it off because you know me and how I think I know everything. Have an appointment tomorrow though so I think I'll be going to therapy soon. (7:15)
Nope just got home from work. Knees been killing me alot lately so that sucks. Uhhhh yeah. Thats all I've got for ya. (6:37)
Tell me about your dang tattoos already ! (4:37)
I hate her boyfriend too. Like literally hate him. Hate the way he treats her and the way he is as a person. (4:05)
Ugh you know what i meant. At raleys? (4:01)
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