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Quotes by shesjustokay

Those games on adds ,
that are so tempting to play,
but after you click them an iphone was won,
very believable...
That was a good game''
Your real name:nicola
Your name with your eyes closed: nicola
Your name with your elbow: hn8idfo0loa
Your name with your nose: nicola
Your name with your toes: nnjhiuivc cvoiooool a
Bash your head on keyboard: trfg5rt5f

Now you try just delete all myanswers
Does everyone just feel sexy , or is it just because im here?
If a girl wants to draw on her eyebrows, put loads of make up on then it's her choice it shouldn't concern anyone else. You think she looks fake? Then don't look at her, easy.. // ask anything, but say ur name after so I know!!!xx
My teacher always

talks to her to imaginary

friend called 'class'.
Oh, was it your birthday yesterday?
Facebook didnt tell me about that.

Honey you're twelve.
Blow bubbles not boys.
Worse smell ever?
The smell of the toilet after my dad has been in it.
Close you eyes, Rub your eyes , Open your eyes ...
Guess what?!
Nothing , nothing happened .
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