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I hate when my parents dont let me out and then dare ask why i am on the laptop to much.

I think I've fallen in hate with you.

I like little kid games online. I like Disney Princess movies. I like teddy bears. I like juice boxes. I like drawing outside with chalk. I like acting like a kid, I like pretending I'm still golden, still innocent, still iving in an ignorant bliss. I like pretending I can still grow up and become Rapunzel, or Ariel, or Cinderella. I like living in my childhood, because maybe, I don't want to grow up. I don't want to rush into adulthood, I don't want to get older before I have to. I don't understand why that's such a big deal.

Honesty Hour?

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What if one day Google was
deleted and we couldn't Google what happened to Google?

Just a cut,
Just a scratch.
"What's that mark?"
"It was the cat."
Just an excuse,
Just another lie.
"What's with all the bracelets?"
"Just fashion, why?"
Just a tear,
Just a scream.
"Why were you crying?"
"Just a bad dream."
But it's not just a cut,
Or a tear, or a lie
It's always "Just one more,"
Until you die.

~not my quote

girl: sir can i go to the toilet

male teacher: no you cannot you know the rules wait until the end of the lesson, how dare you ask such a question when you know that all toilet trips must be taken at breaks and lunch, i can not believe you would jeopardize your education for something that can wait one more hour, you ungrateful child

girl: but im having girl issues

male teacher: omfg go


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