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hi:) im shelby
but ill just call you beautiful.

thats me up there^
i live in the most boring city, ever. i cant wait tooo leave forever
i have the best boy in the world ;**
13, and OBSESSED with drake
thatttts about it:) 


 pss, to all you girls who want the perfect boy,
hes out there. dont give up 
 thjjdfno  h

Quotes by shhhelbyxx


A Cat Falls Into A Pool
A Rooster Laughs
Moral Of The Story? 

a wet pusssy makes
a cockk feel good


  Sexy Isnt What You Wear
         its how you take it off
;) tsttt

        Being In Love Doesnt Mean
you          will           never           fight           or           breakup,           it           means
It Means You Will Always
Find A Way Back Together

I Could Conquer The World With One Hand
if you were holding the other


  f f