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You don't really want my heart, yeah you just like to know you can.♥
Hi I'm Marissa. I'm 14 until March 18th and i live in new hampshaaa. I love my friends more than anything in the world and i absoloutley love one direction♥. I'm single and currently got out of a relationship with the dumbest fuck out there so cheers to you if you date him! I love blue and purple, and you should check out my other friends profiles? Beautyinsidexox, WickedLittleLiar24, and also check out my 1D fanfiction series i'm doing 1D_fanfiction. asdfghjkl; okay bye.
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Quotes by shilohrider98

The Awkward Moment When
Someone you have never really talked to comes to you for girl advice..

I Kissed The Scars On Her Skin

I Still Think Your Beautiful

And I Don't Ever Want To Lose my Bestfriend


I'm Broken, Do You hear Me?
I'm Blinded, Cuz you are everything I see




Never EVER Doubt
                                                                 A girls love for her favorite singer or band



anyone want to be my witty bestfriend? it has to be someone i can talk to about anything and fangirl with (:

Happy Birthday 
Jackass and Wild Boyz Star
Chris Pontius
A.K.A. Party Boy

I Can BeYour Hero Baby
I Can Kiss Away The Pain


              And Then I See You On The

                                                                       In His Arms
I Get Weak                                       

My Body Fails 
                                                                    I'm On My Knees

If i'm louder

would you see me


My Conversation Has Run Dry
Thats              Whats               Going                On

Nothing's Fine I'm Torn


Torn - One Direction (Cover)