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So here's the deal.

I'm Jessica and to tell you the truth I have no idea how I can sum up who I am in a few simple sentences.  


I’m fifteen years old, never been in love and music is my passion. I’m a Gemini, which is commonly called the “twins sign” and the strange thing is I’m a triplet. Cosmic forces at work much? I love writing, reading and jamming out to some pretty rocking tunes (at least when no ones watching haha). I'm afraid of everything, yet at the same time a risk taker. I'm definitely more of a half glass empty kind of girl, although I'm working on that. 

             "i'm fifteen for a moment,
          caught in between ten and twenty
              and i'm just dreaming..."

Quotes by shootingstar1455

I don't want to be afraid
I want to wake up
feeling beautiful today
know that I'm okay
Cause everyone's
perfect in an unusual way
So you see I just want to

                            believe in Me

"believe in me" by demi lovato. i love this song. :)

I've learned to hope for the best

but be prepared for the worst

Your L I P S may be smiling

But your e-y-e-s say it all

How could a fight

Start from something so small?

tell me what you think of this poem
The freshmen girl, oh so shy, sits and watches the sophomore guy.
The sophomore guy, head all in a whirl, sits and watches the Junior girl.
The Junior girl, in her red sedan, sits and admires
the Senior man.
The Senior man,
all hott and wild, secretly loves the freshmen child.

She is the prom queen;

Im in the marching band.

She is a cheerleader;

Im sitting in the stand.

She gets the top bunk;

Im sleeping on the floor.

Shes M I S S A M E R I C A

And Im just the girl next door

               welcome to a world
where being smart makes you as a
              drugs make you cool
      being yourself makes you weird
and having a boyfriend makes you a tramp

              welcome to my world

*for all the people out there who are sick of being judged*
Boy: Your legs must be tired.
Girl: Why?
Boy: Because you've been running through my mind all night.

I know this is cheesy but it cracks me up every time =)
     its funny how everything
can change in the blink of an eye
and amazing to see just how fast
the truth turns into a tangle of lies

change the colors or whatever.
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