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My name is Hunter. My three best friends are cole, olive, and Madeline.I like to read, dance and draw and stuff:)I like quiet, but I love ColesHugs:) I am a serious pointe dancer! I am emo but don't judge! I have my reasons! I am on here a lot so message me. Also look for me on I am shorti if ya wanna check out more of my work:) ~ believe, become, be~

Quotes by shorti

Why does it mean the world to me when he texts me but he couldn't care less if i were alive?
he is my whole world and i am a hole in his world.
i don't want to hide any more. why can't everyone just except me for me. i don't want to hide in fear of not being loved. everyone says that you have to hurt before you love, but i have been hurting so much and there is still no love in my life.
why can bruno mars say what all girls want to hear from there special someone but never hear.
The pure, simple truth is rarley pure and never simple.
The one thing I know for sure about life is that no one gets out alive.
why is it that everything was so simple before middle school?
i was at the beach with a boy i am not dating. we have been friends since first grade. he took me on the virgin island. he stayed with me over all of his friends. then he called me cute. and asked if i wanted to make out with him. i still dont get it:/ if you are reading this... wtf?!?!
-going to the movies
-get popcorn
-add more butter than there was popcorn
-eat every piece 
-feel fat
-love it anyway
stay out of my snow globe