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Hey you! Your beautiful(: Just thought you should know.(: page unda constructionn.(: backgrounds!Shortiee63's Profile


--->Boys are yucky.
Its funny how the people who know you the least, talk about you the most. 

-->Well hello(:
A little over a year ago I stumbled onto this website,
and come on everyday ever since. It's helped me
with so much, and I'm so grateful for this site.
I've made so many friends and met some amazing girls.
Everyone has a story, what's yours?
Amazing wittians >> loveeex0  ;   RemeberingSunday   ;    Full_of_Secrets_and_Lies ; alycat97! 
Check them outtt,(: 

"Life's to short to be anything but happyyy,(:"   

 About this girl;

---> Hey there cutie(: I never understood these, I mean why do I have to tell you about me, when theres a bunch of quotes down there vv that explain me better then words can. But anways,  My name's Filomena, really wierd I knooowww. I hate it haha, if I could change it, I would. I am A sophmore at the best highscool everrr, Go Dukes. I'm 16 years youngg. && I blow out the candles on March 12thh. I run track, dance and I like hanging out with my frienddss.  Im nice to you if your nice to me![: I'm takennn , and Like meeting new people. Soo comment/Follow(:
Love you witty girls!(: couldn't live without youu.
He's amazinnggg(:
Kiss in the rain {X} 1-17-11
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"Don't be reckless with other peopl's hearts,
And don't put up with people who are reckless with yours."
"Don't be reckless with other peopl's hearts,
And don't put up with people who are reckless with yours."

"Real men like curves, only dogs go for bones."
LOL @ fat chics saying this to make themselves feel better. 

Sweet 16(:


Detox Weekend- I like it & I don't. I like how every quote is by "Someone.", that way we judge the quote not who made it. But I kind of miss the formats, witty is about originallity.

Appreciate everything you have.
Someone, somewhere, is fighting for you to have it.
"No matter how many stupid things I say or do, I never have to worry about losing you."