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Quotes by shouldicontinue



the feeling of despair 
and sadness seep 
through my brain,

slowly creeping into 
the back of my mind, 
leading my thoughts

to a sudden stop.


my hands rush to 
the tissues, taking 
two or three at once.

hurriedly wiping at 
the spilled coffee that 
quickly spread over my 

the screen flickers 

on to off
off to on

screen flickers once more,
before giving a sigh, 

                         a sputter, 

and then black.

innocent girl 
saw an angel 

he was beautiful
she had never 
seen anything so


there came a time
where she left him
for another boy

he became lonely
rejected, abandoned

he felt like he didn’t
belong in this world 
that was once colourful

his soul had been 
torn apart by the 
girl that he once 
knew and had 
come to love.

but no more. 

       nothing could save him,

as the darkness ripped him 
apart; to pieces. 

the shadows had swallowed him whole.
choose me or lose me

                     my skin has become an arena of bruised art

just sitting around in my anxiety

ill stop wearing black when they invent a darker color
you don't get to decide who lives or who dies
"i don't believe you"
there were so many things i wanted to say to you
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