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sidneyjohauge's Favorite Quotes

"Life's about variety, untill it comes to women...
*dramatic pause*
...then you got to keep only one.
~Mr. Blickenderfer
Life lessons from my Math Teacher
"You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve

stood up for something, sometime in your life.
~Winston Churchill
Cheesy Pick-up Lines #5:
If you were a traingle you would be ACUTE one.


I love your smile.
It keeps me happy on bad days.


What happens When he's your
Prince Charming
but you're not his
      And all her feelings are hidden 
      behind that smile
      ~    :):    ~

 Revenge can be bitter sweet, 
but if you sit back and watch...
karma can be pure entertainment.

have you ever laid in bed and just cried?
because you think you're ugly.
because you think you're not good enough for anyone.
you've counted all your flaws from head to toe, making yourself feel worse. cried becasue of all the comments people blurt out, actually hurt? cried because your family is dysfunctional and never understands you. they tell you to stop complaining,that you have it so much better than kids in africa, even though they don't understand your life either,you dont want to feel like an attention seeker,so you bottle everything up.
around friends and family,you've created this lying smile and people believe it. but then at night time, when you're all alone in bed,the girl who everyone thought was always so happy,
is crying her broken heart out.

Before I met him
I was so sane and grounded
Before he taught me how to lie
And crawl out the window
I learned the dirt roads
And I got my heart broken
Cause that cowboy taught
me how to cry.


Let me see your tears on the ground
Like rain pouring down
From how much it hurts
Wanna see you cry, cry like a girl.