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Quotes by sil3ntt3arsfall

Breaking up with your boyfriend is a million times easier than breaking up with a best friend.
I've gotten to the point where even hearing you yawm makes me smile. How much better can things get?
He says he loves her.
She says she loves him.
Yet, they always seem to break each other's heart.
You don't have to promise me forever, just promise to be with me as long as it's real.
Show me where it hurts.
Show me what love's done to you.
Don't try to move you'll only make it worse then it already is.
You had to be so strong and I had to be so useless.
I'm always so f***ing useless.
Useless without you.

Sorry about the curse word.
Maybe soon I'll figure out what giving up is all about.
~The Ataris~
Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever get back together. Then I realize that we'll never truly be over. In a way, it hasn't changed, and in others, it has. It's not that we aren't meant for eachother, I think we're just not ready for forever just yet.